Animation Studio 1 – 06 – Asset Creation (Rapid Production Project)


I have been behind on my blog posts lately so many will be coming in the next few days. In this entry I will be talking about the creation of assets for my rapid production project, most of the assets I made where large groups of people and environment assets, I did create extra assets at the end of the project for a certain scene which wasn’t accounted for in any documentation, so closer inspection of the animatic to Identify the assets needed is something I will do in my next project to avoid mixing steps in the workflow.


I was given access to a task sheet that outlined the assets that were assigned to me, I was assigned the creation of all the assets for the Spain scene which includes the stands for the crowd, the actual crowd, the bull and the Spanish girl. The first step was to go back to the animatic and see what the dimensions for each asset should be, this was especially important for the stands and the crowd as they slide into the scene so they had to have extra space on the sides.


Around the World Storyboard

I decided to draw all the assets on the same Photoshop file just in separate layers, this was so I could see the composition and colours of the scene without changing files. My next step was to collect reference images from the inspiration sequence and from actual bull rings and bulls, one of my team members found a set of Photoshop brushes that we all used to achieve a similar look to a Kiss from Tokyo.

I created the assets rather quickly, but I spent extra time refining the line work and making the crowd more interesting, I also experimented with overlaying cardboard textures but I excluded those at the end as the project lead decided he would add texture in post production. I also hid Figgs in the crowd, he is a main character in the book and movie but was excluded from our sequence, I did this in another occasion but I’ll let you find him in the final product.


Crowd and Bullring Stands


Pretty Spanish Woman



In the final sequence my lead has decided to use someone else’s bull as he thought it suited the art style a bit more, as a team player I was fine with this although I believe my bull suited the scene more and would have looked better in the final scene, but maybe I am just biased.

Other Assets

I used a similar workflow to create other assets, which include the crowd in the London scene and the procession in the India scene. I also had to redo one of the assets one of my team members did as it didn’t suit the style, this was the theatre curtains, it was a very important element in the early stages of production but in the final product they are only featured for a few seconds. I also created a gun in the last few days of production as I was animating one of the scenes as it was overlooked in the task sheet (I made it, so it’s my fault).


Revolver used in the Train scene


Theatre Curtains


Crowd for the London Scene


Procession for India scene

I kept track of all the assets I had to create through the task allocation sheet and communicated through slack to attain the leads approval on each asset. All the assets created were used as psd files so that After Effects could take advantage of the layers created. In my next blog I will talk about the process of rigging and animating in After Effects and how this helped in the production of the reboot rapid project.


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