Animation Studio 1 – 10 – Titan Tussle



Paper Titan Logo

In this entry I will be introducing a new project I was involved in, it is game called Titan Tussle being made by the game team Paper Titan. It is a party game for four players only, the setting is that these enormous titans have descended onto earth and are battling each other. The min gameplay element is that there are two types of character for each team with the objective being to get both characters from the opposing team to fall of the map. The first one is a large titan that cant move but can only charge up a shoulder charge that if it hits another character will push them in the same direction. The small titans can move freely but can only stun other characters including their own team mate, if a character is stunned they are pushed even further by a large titan’s shoulder charge. I was assigned the role of animation lead which consisted of maintaining a consistent visual style and to make sure everyone was up to date with their own tasks.

Art Style

The art style for the characters was defined as low poly and cartoony, with the main inspiration being adventure time. I was told I should have a go at designing some characters for the game by the end of the week.With a loose brief I made a couple of concepts for the game, but then I saw there was other concepts by the other animators, I realised didn’t suit the brief I was given and I was happy to just model someone else’s design.

These are the designs that we will be using for the game, each animator will be assigned a single character to model, texture, rig and animate. I think Kate did a very good job with these and they really fit the brief.Although I do think we should have pushed the titan idea more as all the characters aren’t very titan like and intimidating, but that is the game guys decision.

more small titan concepts

Kate's Titian concepts

Character Designs by Kate Lulham

The environment art style was a very simplistic and stylised low poly style, we had to make sure it would look nice from the specific camera angle. We had originally planned to make about 5 different maps, one map per animator but that wasn’t realistically in scope. We decided to go with the desert theme, with a bit of an Egyptian flare.




Desert Level Concept by Vicky Wang


Documentation & Communication

The game guys have an incredible amount of documentation that they have to provide to maintain the project on course, it honestly is on another level compared to the organisation of my animation and modelling projects. It makes sense as for a game there are so many more elements that have to be juggled and kept consistent compared to the production of a final image or animation. We communicated through Skype with the game guys, so whenever there was n important update they would let us know through there, otherwise as there were 5 animators on the project we communicated effectively through slack.

The most important document for us the animators was a chart that detailed what assets we were assigned, we could also indicate at what stage we were at for each asset including the rigging and texturing for character models. This worked really well and was useful to keep an eye on as some people were falling behind.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.34.33 PM.png

Visual Assets allocation sheet

I was tasked with creating documents for the animations and also an outline of the formats and software that should be used for the creation of assets. In the next entry I will be talking about the modelling and texturing of my allocated character for the game.




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