Animation Studio 1 – 12 – Titan Modelling/Texturing


titans lineup.JPG

Selected Titan Designs by Kate Lulham

In this entry I will be talking about how I went about modelling and texturing the assets I was assigned in the Titan Tussle game project. I was assigned the Crab Dude character who seems like a combination of a mushroom and a crab, it’s design is very simple so it was really easy to model. I was also assigned the creation of the palm trees for the level, another simple model.


I started of by importing the image plane with the character in an idle pose drawn by Kate. I would usually draw a model sheet, but I was fairly confident in what I wanted  in terms of shape and the forms were fairly simple anyway. I started of with a sphere cut in half for the head and a cylinder for the body and the built from there, I made sure to add extra topology to the shoulder and where the legs connect to torso so that there would be no major distortion. There were some problems with this model, it was to high poly for the brief I was given by the game students, which was around 1000 tri’s but my count was at 2300. I wasn’t happy with the way the hands looked either as they looked unnatural because there was no connection between the claws and the hand. This model was used for the backup build of the game.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.08.17 AM

In the updated version my priority was to bring the tri count down without sacrificing deformation and silhouette, it was fairly simple as it was mostly deleting unnecessary edge loops and removing detail from the claws. Once that was done I modelled some kind of muscle or tendon the hands that connected to the claws, it worked better that I expected. This was the final version of the model, I made sure there were no issues with the mesh especially before unwrapping and rigging. The final tri count was 1473, which the game lead was happy with, I could always lower it but I would have started to sacrifice silhouette and deformation.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.09.13 AMThe palm tree was a very simple model, I had an early version for the backup build which I just added solid colours to, but I wanted to do some texture work with it. I then made and updated version which had more palms and I added a spherical shape at the top to emulate real palm trees and bring more interest. The unwrapping was very simple for this model, with all the palms sharing the same coordinates.


Unwrapping the Crab Dude was a bit difficult as I had to make sure there was little to no distortion mainly on the head, which is based of a sphere which is one of the hardest geometries to unwrap. I mostly projected the UV’s from the camera and then cut the seams and then used the unwrap tool in maya. With the UV’s unwrapped and organised the next step was to texture, this was extremely simple as all of it was solid colours., the only parts that I really worked on were the eyes and adding some extra skin colours were the claws grow out of.


I also did the texture for the palm tree, another simple texture I just simply used the polygonal lasso tool in photoshop to make the cartoony leaf shape. This texture was saved with an alpha channel so that the leaf would be transparent in certain areas.



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