Rapid Project – Post Mortem



The final product was rendered at 1280×720 pixels to reduce render time and still maintain a high quality.There was no technical specification in the brief as to the quality of the final render but 720p is a common resolution. The raw files where png images that where later edited and compressed in Adobe Media Encoder using the h.264 codec. The format of the video was .mp4 as it is he most common and it works with most media players.


The project started of very well everyone had clear tasks and seemed enthusiastic, as the lead I attempted to identify everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. My main priority was to get pre production done as quickly as possible, as I wanted more time available for production. i think this was a mistake as a lot of the timing in the animatic should have been addressed. I think the scope should have been evaluated more. Although it did get done, it was rushed and to much time had to be put in  at the end. On my end production was really successful, my main task which was to make the animation rig went really well and I made to a standard I was really happy with. But as a lead I think I was to lenient with due dates,as i believe the direction and look was clear. The project fell apart when people didn’t comply with deadlines and that pushed the whole schedule back. It’s hard to tell if it is the team or it was my fault, but from my end I think I could have made a clearer schedule. My task list in my opinion was really successful but still the tasks weren’t getting done and a schedule could have helped immensely.

The Google Drive was well organized with a clear folder structure, it was the main way we stored documentation and assets. The naming conventions fell apart at the end, as although I did explain it, I think I should have written a small document outlining scale and naming conventions, as well as how to navigate the drive. The task list was the first thing in the drive so people could see and access it with ease. I actually put plenty of work into the asset list to make it simple clear and easy to navigate and update. It was color coded and each key milestone for each assets was indicated. At the end all the priority assets where done as well as some desirable, the problem is that they where delivered fairly late and it made the production bottleneck. We also used slack to communicate and on occassion facebook, it was really useful for announcements, keeping everyone on track and giving feedback.

I had a bit more at stake in this project than just something pretty for my showreel, I also had to prove myself as a lead. I was in charge of the documentation as well as being the creative lead, so there was fair bit to do. I was heavily involved in the way the final product would look, being in charge of everyone gave me the opportunity to have a stronger art direction through giving feedback and returning assets for revision, although the documentation did take up some of the hours  I could have used for other important tasks.

In conclusion although I’m proud of the final product, I think the project was a failure as the major scene had to be cut out and some of the team members contributed little to no assets.


When it came to the audio, working with the studio 2 guys was a breeze, although we didn’t communicate much, they delivered the exact product I was looking for. I do believe next time I should involve the audio student and any other student in the production more, so they understand the direction better and they are more passionate about what they are doing.

I received enough SFX to effectively communicate what was happening on screen, although everything did sink up, I do wish I had a better knowledge of Audio to get a better mix and effect in my final product, things like impacts where missing and some more subtle sounds. I asked the audio students for an upbeat track for the background music, I was happy to include the drums they where working on as it tied in nicely with the tropical and beach settings in the teaser. The track helped with the feeling of urgency that I and my team where trying to achieve. The final product definitely was better for having a custom track and its own sound effects and I am overall happy with the integration I did in After Effects.




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