Next Trimester

In this blog post I will be talking about area of my craft I want to improve on and how to go about it. I specifically want improve my hard surface model production, my character modelling and shot creation (implementing matte paintings). I mostly plan to improve in my own practice by building a larger visual library by collecting viewing more specific images relevant to the fields I want to improve. Another big aspect of improving is time and having the time to prefect pieces and time to process new techniques and information. Finally as always viewing tutorials about techniques, workflows and new software is always necessary when taking on new challenges.

Hard Surface Modelling

Image result for mech 3d

I think I have been pushing my hard surface techniques in the past few months and I am becoming very proficient with techniques such as subdivide and straighten or establishing curvature, I will possibly attempt to implement Zbrush into my process as I will be taking a tutorial regardless for my character modelling. I will also continue to watch Youtube Channels such as Arrimus 3D to improve on small aspects of hard surface modelling.


Character Modelling

Image result for alessandro baldasseroni

Character by Alessandro Baldasseroni

This is the element of CG that I am most passionate about, as a future career path I want to become a character artist for high end cinematics. I have began venturing into this designing and modelling a hand full of characters, but I want to strip it back, so I want to make a simple female character that is fairly;y realistic and attempt to make her work as well as possible for production, I will be learning about human anatomy and proportions and take a step into the realm of 3d sculpting. I will start by watching tutorials on how to work with Zbrush and attempt to take life drawing classes. Also my attempt to improve my hard surface will help me with creating characters with armour.


Complete Images/Shots

Sea Creature - creature concept by Carlos Huante, matte painting concept by Tuomas Korpi

Shot by Beat Reichenbanch

One of the biggest problems I have is having finalized shots that look at a presentable level, so for this I want to learn how to create more complete shots. I plan to this by learning VFX techniques such matte painting and creating more efficient assets that only need to look good from a certain angle. I will be viewing matte painting techniques and learning and improving on my compositing techniques. I will start this by watching matte painting tutorials and watching a complete course on NUKE during the break.



I will admit it is pushing it to focus on all of these, but they all kind of go hand in hand, with better hard surface skills I will be able to make better characters, and I will be able to give my characters more context and a better showcase with more complete and pleasing images as a final output.


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